Sunday, May 23, 2010


Alright, so I learned that I no longer am going to France.
My job didn't need me over, so therefore, I am staying here in the USA until July 17th.

Not a big deal. I've gone to France. I've lived in France. Been there, Done that.

Now. Diet?

Yes. I am starting a new diet. I have been eating unhealthy, since I eat at work most of the time. I've been eating pizza, and cake, and cookies, no vegetables, and fruits. So, I joined a website that helps me count my calories, and gives me a nutrition report of my day.

I love it. It also tracks the amount of calories I burn and grade my overall eating habit.
(Today I got a C :[ )

Could we say that I have to keep my grades up again!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Updates on my goals

So. I got two of my goals done.

Application to the University of Pennsylvania.

I got rejected. I am not as sad as I expected to be. I did not expect to get in and frankly, I wouldn't fit at the prestigious university. It is not "me" enough. The girls there are different, and the atmosphere there is too prestigious for me. I don't mingle well with people like that. (Even though Kevin goes there. Opposites attract?)


Got 3 As, and 3 B+s. Now before I go crying because my B+s were SO close to an A it hurts, let me just say that I am still proud of myself. My grades were going downhill, and so was my GPA (which was worrying me). Now next semester, 4 As, and 2 B+s?
It is all about the baby steps...

I still need to:
- Finish editing Fatal Kiss
- Finish my script
- Finish my novel in progress
- Get ready for France/ China
- Finances (arghargharghargharghdontmentionthatword)
- Continue with my Chinese
- Continue with Korean!

So, I still have a full plate of stuff to do!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sickness strikes again.

Kevin got me sick this time.
But, on another note, he never saw Balto before! Just one of those great animated movies that I had forgotten about!

It is based on a true story. Back in the 20's, an epidemic of Diptheria hit Nome, a small town in Alaska. There was no medication left, and therefore, the town decided to send a team of the best sledge dogs to go to the nearest town and get more medication. Balto was the leader of the last team who brought the medicine back.

Now the movie has added a couple myths to the story.
In the movie:
- Balto is half dog, half wolf and shunned by dogs and humans
- There was only one team of dogs
- The man leading the team was hurt
- Balto came to save the day (He was the team leader originally)

No matter how much Spielberg changed the movie, it is still a tale of courage and determination. And, an adorable love story.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Quick little video for all!

I was bumming around my house, instead of studying my Spanish, and as I turned on the TV I was reminded of a show that I love!
It is for preschooler, and as the same concept as Dora, but in Chinese and teaches children valuable social skills! [Ni-Hao, Kai Lan]
Youtube didn't have a whole episode, so all I can give you is this little preview.

Today, I learned how to say dinosaur. [Gong Long]!
Yes, it is a pretty awesome show. :D


So the little "Next Blog" Button up there was very useful during "studying". (I did study, no worries)
But I have noticed a common theme in blogs.
There is the "new baby in the house" type of blog.
- Every entry is about their baby.
- Tons of baby pictures.
- Every little anecdote about baby is found there.
There is "I believe in God" type of blog.
- Every entry has something to do with the blessing God gave to people
- Entries are also about how angry the blogger is looking at non-believers or "bad Christians"
- Bible Verses.
There is the "My life" type of blog.
- Obvious.

I am about to say I hate those blogs. I don't hate those blogs. I just find them so... dominant, it is boring. I don't care about baby, or your perspective on God, or your life.
I love blogs that make me think, or want to do something.

Where art thou, amazing blogs?

[PS: Back to studying]

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Finals are here.
Must study.

PS: I failed Script Frenzy D: