Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My job

My job is killing me.

Just letting you guys know that if I stop blogging it is because I am dead from my job.
They took away my France trip, and replacing it with more office work. Which kills me by the way.

I am not an office person. Not for THAT long at least!!
I am a travel person! If you have travel before, and you have the travel bug, then you know what I am talking about!

This itchiness to get out and explore the world. To google picture of random places, or spend time on Google Earth.

I need my vacation. Now!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


So, I've been busy as a bee.

I've actually just been incredibly lazy. (As I predicted).
I've meant to do my Chinese.
I've meant to study my Korean.
I've meant to lose weight.
I've meant to write more.

But. My good old summer habits have kicked back in.

I always tell myself. "After a 9 hour work day, I need to relax a little bit!"
That's true! I need to relax! But relaxation can be productive! I need to be relax productive!

So, I have decided to start creating Chinese/ Korean Lessons.
So, I have decided to take up Karate/ Ju-jitsu/ Tai-chi/ Caperia.
So, I have decided to write at least one hour before going to bed/ right after waking up.

Let's see if I can be relax productive!