Saturday, October 30, 2010


I just passed the 1000 views mark!

Thank you to everyone who views my blog regularly and to people who just pass by!

You warm my heart and keep my blog healthy ;]

Friday, October 29, 2010


So NaNoWriMo is reaaally close!

I am not sure what I want to write about. I have two options right now.

Option #1:
- Sequel to Fatal Kiss.

[Quick synopsis of Fatal Kiss: Hope and Josh are vampires. D.O.V.E. is after all vampires, trying to get rid of all vampires in the USA. Hope gets captured, and Josh tries to save her. When he does, he discovers other vampire colonies and has to escape the infuriated D.O.V.E.]

What will it be about?
Most likely it will be the revenge that D.O.V.E. will try to bring upon the vampires. After losing Hope, it was super awkward for them to go to the government and tell them they lost a vampire. So, the government cut their budget. Now, they only want revenge.
So why are you hesitating?
I really really want to write the other story also :P

Option #2:
- Perfect Little Me

What will it be about?
A bit autobiography about a young girl with a lot of expectations. She is expected to be perfect at everything in every field. She basically burns out and snaps, finally taking some time on herself. Pretty much how I feel right now, but I have no time to myself... Even if I want some.
So why are you hesitating?
Because I really want to write a sequel for Fatal Kiss. They deserve a sequel (and Linda really wants one :P)

So, if you want to put in your opinion go ahead! :D It will make my life easier!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I haven't posted in awhile, but do not think I have forgotten about you!

I finished babysit the 21 cats and I am now almost back in the rythm of things. I saw ALMOST, because my body isn't agreeing with my fast pace life anymore. (I am old?)
I have been sick two times within the last week, and I do not usually get that sick. I sleep properly but wake up exhausted.

It is time to break out the vitamins and start being healthy again.
I was thinking of detoxing my body from all the bad food I have been eating. Hopefully, it will help me get better.
So my diet will be:
- Salad
- Tomatoes
- Celery
- Yogurt
- Carrots
- Broccoli (it is good for your skin. I need to get rid of that acne!)

All of them will be raw, in order for my vegetables and fruit to keep the most of their nutrients.
Plus, my diet will hopefully get rid of that muffin top I develloped other the past two weeks.

Basically, everything around me is going very fast, and I feel like a robot. A never stopping robot. I am pretty sure I wake up exhausted because I am even stressed in my sleep! I discovered another chipped teeth (I grind my teeth at night).

I can't wait for NaNoWriMo to start. I will have some peace and quiet to myself, some time to relax.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday!

To me!

I am 20 now. Finally. So time to update my list.

First, I am moving out. Update: I moved out! Accomplished!
Second, I will be less dependent of my parents.Update: I finance almost everything myself! Accomplished!
Third, I will be paying for my travels (I travel a lot). Update: I managed to do that, and still doing it! Accomplished!
Fourth, I will have to budget my finances. Update: Yeaahh... Maybe I didn't need to go to that restaurant, but Accomplished!
Fifth, I will be a junior in college. Update: So far, I have all As! Accomplished?!
Sixth, (For a short period of time) I will be trying to transfer universities - it is a lot of paperwork. Update: I got rejected from Upenn. But oh well... Accomplished for the paperwork, Fail for the getting in.
Seventh, I will lose friends, and make new ones. Update: I haven't lost too many friends. But I have gained tons! Accomplished!
Eighth, I will most likely fight with my boyfriend. Update: Oh yeah. Accomplished...
Ninth, I will have to balance work, studying, fun time, and writing. Update: Writing is going to have to start again with NaNoWriMo!
Tenth, I will try to get published. Update: Fail.
Eleventh, I will have to deal with my grandmother being sick. Update: She is doing slightly better :D
Twelfth, I will have to deal with being in America, and getting an American education. Update: I think I might live if I keep on traveling a lot :P
Thirteenth, My childish dreams will be crushed and destroyed by the big scary world out there. (No more of "I wanna be a princess") Update: So far, I still want to be a princess!

So, On my birthday I didn't do anything super mega fun, but I had 5 days to celebrate my birthday (My 5 day birthday). I had a lot of fun. Still :P
On the other hand, I am 20 now, which makes me officially a young adult!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sick at home

Yes, you heard it.

I'm sick and at home, which means more time for the blog. Crazy right? What to do with all that time?
Well, if I wasn't sick, I would catch up on some homework, feed myself, and start sketching up a draft for the Sequel of Fatal Kiss.

Oh and guess what. Yes. Let's guess. In a few days (6 to be exact), I will finally be 20. I know I only had 6 months with this blog, and in order to do everything I ever wanted to do, but man, time passed by!

Anyway, this means that in 6 days, I will have to review my list, and I will get to write a new one. For my next birthday.
In 6 days, I will leave teenage years behind!

That is, if I dont die beforehand. I really feel like I am about to die right now. I guess I should go back to bed, and wait for my room mates to wake up to make me some soup.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Bank Card fraud and Adult life stuff

So, as some might have noticed, I haven't wrote in awhile.

I have had a very very stressful week. Between school, adult life, and kid life, it seems like there no time for fun! Or my blog.

Well, first. I am only taking 5 classes, instead of 6. It seems like nothing, but it means that I will have to graduate a semester late. It is most likely because of my Peace and Conflict minor.
I will live.
On another school note, I might go back to China this winter, to study Chinese for 4 weeks. We will see though. I might need to stay for the money.

Adult life has decided to show itself now. Someone has stolen my Debit Card information, stealing 250$ from me. I was stuck with 20$ in cash. Thank God, Kevin helped me out, and gave me a 100$, and my mom gave me another 40$. Otherwise, I would have not been able to do ANYTHING. My account was completely frozen, leaving me with money in my bank account, but not being able to touch it :[
I finally received my card, and hopefully can put all this behind us.

My car insurance is also acting up. I got a pretty bad crack on my windshield, and I went to get it repaired. Now they refuse to pay for it.

Getting into fights with corporate is my new hobby.