Friday, October 1, 2010

Bank Card fraud and Adult life stuff

So, as some might have noticed, I haven't wrote in awhile.

I have had a very very stressful week. Between school, adult life, and kid life, it seems like there no time for fun! Or my blog.

Well, first. I am only taking 5 classes, instead of 6. It seems like nothing, but it means that I will have to graduate a semester late. It is most likely because of my Peace and Conflict minor.
I will live.
On another school note, I might go back to China this winter, to study Chinese for 4 weeks. We will see though. I might need to stay for the money.

Adult life has decided to show itself now. Someone has stolen my Debit Card information, stealing 250$ from me. I was stuck with 20$ in cash. Thank God, Kevin helped me out, and gave me a 100$, and my mom gave me another 40$. Otherwise, I would have not been able to do ANYTHING. My account was completely frozen, leaving me with money in my bank account, but not being able to touch it :[
I finally received my card, and hopefully can put all this behind us.

My car insurance is also acting up. I got a pretty bad crack on my windshield, and I went to get it repaired. Now they refuse to pay for it.

Getting into fights with corporate is my new hobby.

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