Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I just got news from one of my room mates.
I only have to pay $350 for rent now. I know. Insane right? Living in the city, in this amazing house for only 350$ (+utilities)/ month? Could life work out any better right now?
I think not.

So, as you guessed it, I am in an extremely happy mood.

Anyway. April contests? Yes. Contests!

The first one is Script Frenzy. 100 pages of script in 30 days. Crazy? Yes. Possible? Totally.
I am planning on writing the sequel to Fatal Kiss, but now I have doubts. I kinda want to write about something different.
As usual, i will see at the very last minute what my imagination has prepared for me :]

The second contest is L2 reading month. I need to read as many pages as I can in Mandarin. Yes. Mandarin.

The world: Ally, why didn't you chose Spanish?
Ally: Well, I know I can read in Spanish. I have already a book in Spanish over the summer. I needed to try something new.
The world: But Mandarin? That's gonna be hard.
Ally: ... I know, BUT I CAN DO IT!! :D

Anyway, I will get a cool sticker at the end :D!

Here are the links to the two contests:
Script frenzy:
L2 Reading challenge:

Both brough to you by my crazy friend: Linda.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Angels have come down

Sunday night was almost ordinary. Too ordinary apparently.
My laptop (lappy) decided to crash. Gave me the blue screen of death and everything.
I thought my life was going to end.

Thankfully, I gave it in the hands of 5 people, who together fixed it. Somehow. What was wrong with it? NO IDEA.
How they fixed it? NO IDEA.

All I care about is that all my writing is saved <3

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Editing is just like growing a plant.
I hate it at first. It is just too boring. It is a slow process, and the beginning of the book is always the most difficult to get through.
Then it blossoms, and it is the best part. You get really into it, and you start doing ten chapters at once. You really get in the story, and you just never want to end.
Then it starts to suck again. You just can't help yourself but not want to do it.

I am at that part. I hate it. If I do half a page per day, I am super lucky. I cannot sit down and do it. I start to get hungry, or want to go pee, and all the sudden have an urge to do homework. We all know this is not true. I have no urge to do homework.

I probably started this blog to procrastinate my last chapters.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Free time? I think not!

As I finished with my application, and wrap up my lease, I am having less stress and more relaxing time.
I have learned my alphabet for Korean, and now I just need to learn at least 10 words a day. (Then I will know 300 in a month), and I will be pleased with myself.
But, as winter is leaving, and spring is installing itself, I realized that soon enough, it will be "bikini season".
I've never been ashamed of my body, so I never really feared bikini season as most girls do. I don't jump on the treadmill to lose my calories.
This year though.

I will get fit. Not for the sake of a nice body (I am good with what I got), but for the sake of running for more than six seconds without collapsing. I know. I am terribly out of shape, and for once I am ready to change that. I've said the same thing last year, and I lost some weight, but not because I worked out, because I stopped pigging out.

This time, I enrolled my little brother as my coach.
Do you remember those coaches you see on TV. The really mean ones. That's him.
Called me a wuss for not being able to do push ups. GIRL PUSH UPS. The one who get on your knees... Yeah. I can't even do those.
He added time to my wall seats because I could't last a whole minute at a 90 degree angle.

The good thing about enrolling someone like him is that I know he won't let me slack off. He has so much passion for working out, and being in shape, that I know he will make sure I get trim and that I will be able to run.

The bad thing about this is that I will never get out of it now. Failure is not an option, or he will make fun of me forever.

I am sore today, but not as much as I expected. It was a lot worst when I went skiing.
So now, the hour after/before dinner is busy from my intensive ab/leg/arm circuit.

So you better wait for a post about my intensive running session!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


So. After an eventful week, I have tons of tips, and updates. Obviously.

1. House/Lease
I have the house. Security deposit was sent. Lease was signed. And Credit report was sent. I have no credit, but my landlord has to check my parent's. Therefore, in June, I will be out of my house. :D! Exciting?! After all this time, and all this worry!

2. School/ Transfer
Everything was sent out. Nothing to worry about, now I just wait for the results. Once again, I thought I was going to poop my pants when my advisor hadn't sent out the report. I called freaking out, and the lady on the other end of the phone just told me to chill, and that this was all going to be okay. I just needed to sent it out that week. And I did :D

3. Writing my novel
I am working on my novel, and editing my previous novel. I am almost done editing! Yes. Then it means that I will have to retype it, reprint it, and re-read it. I think I will like it a lot more once it is done and a little more polished :D
The new novel (My New Prison) is at the really beginning, and I am dreading adding to it. I know that I am going to have to throw Alan in shock therapy, but I really don't want to D:

4. Relationship
The stress of this week has affected my moods, and how I react to people/Kevin in general.I am a lot less patient. I am also very moody. I have been happy, and sad within seconds. I crying and then I am laughing. I feel like I going through puberty all over again. I am 19. This whole angst business should be over. Kevin also does not response to my stress very well, which makes me angry and just a terrible vicious circle of doom. We are going through it, and surprisingly enough, we are doing pretty well. I think because he dealt with me during my obnoxious moodiness before, he knows that at the end I will be better, and I will smile again :]

5. Finances
Kinda don't want to talk about it. D:
In a couple months, I will be poorer than dirt.

So here you have it!
The biggest tip for today is:
- If you're in doo-doo, call people, and ask for help. People love to help :D
- When you're angry, know that it is not the other people's fault. It could be YOUR fault, your emotions out of whack. So calm down, take a minute and realize what is making you angry. :D

Friday, March 12, 2010


I am sick. Deathly sick.
But guess what, I will be going to DC with Kevin. After all the bitching that i put him through for this, I am going to have to go.
Plus, I love DC anyway P:.
It is suppose to rain though. Not cool. But we'll chilling in a museum anyway, so it is not a big deal.

I sent in my submission for Blood Bound Books, and I received an email confirmation. So now, I just have to wait three weeks at the most. Exciiittteeeddd !! :D

As usual, I am having problems with my mother. She is just... too much for me to deal. One of those people you know? The ones who can't help themselves but say everything on their mind, and when you don't agree with them, they complain and bitch to you and name call you. Basically, kinda like a middle schooler. That's the best way I can explain my problem with my mother.

Anyway, nothing too exciting today, expect me being sick and napping a lot. Beautifully naps. :D And chicken noodle soup. <3

So tata!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 14th, mystery solved

Hello again!

I discovered what was due on March 14th. Another writing contest. I am not going to do it. Unfortunately, I just don't have the time to write a good new short story to send out.
Expect, if I am really bored tonight. Then, I will write a little something :]

Anyway, I finished my short story for publication. Later today, I think I will send Still-Life Art. We'll hear back in April :]

I also woke up early in order to go back to my old High School to get my scores for my SAT, SATII, ACT, AP, and TOEFL tests. Got them. Signed them. Send them later today, and that will be taken care of.

Basically, everything is slowly getting done. Now, I just have renting to finish and looking for more magazines to send out my stories :D!

All in all, I think I got this under control!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Rumble Jumble

Hello again, and Good morning.

I have some good news regarding my lease. As long as we pay deposit on Thursday (tomorrow), we will have until Wednesday to sign the lease. So no problem here. Then I calculated the financial aspect, and it is all possible. Just going to tear a huge hole in my wallet/ bank account. I think I will live though. :]

I have news concerning my application for transfer. I have 5 days. Those are my news. 5 days to get my SAT, SATII, ACT, TOEFL, and AP tests sent to the school. Along with my advisor's report. 5 days. It is so soon, and I feel quite overwhelmed, but I know that I will get all of it done, on time, properly and I should be nervous.

Also news on my writing. I have 3 days to write an horror short story and send it out. 3 days. I started on one, but I don't know where it is going to take me. I have to say, I am pretty pleased with it so far though. I am much better at writing short stories than novels. MUCH MUCH better. We'll see where this takes me.

I also have something due on March 14, but I forgot. Hopefully, I will remember before it is too late. Otherwise, well. I am going to to suck it.
So those next 5 days are going to be stressful, and pretty much filled with things to do.

Financially, I am stable for now.
Mentally, I am about to curl up in a ball and cry.
Physically, I am healthy but tired.
Spiritually, well... that's none of your business, but I know that the big G will help me out on this one.

Therefore, I don't need more things to do!

PS: I am going to learn Korean. YES. I. AM. :D (You just wait until I have 5 minutes to myself)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Landlord = Kinda of a witch

So, as I mentioned earlier, I am trying to move out of my house. A couple of friends and I found this perfect little house in the middle of a pretty big city. I didn't see anything wrong with it, neither did my other future female room mate (the other two are guys).
So we asked for the lease, and we asked for the price, and we made very clear we wanted it in general. When I made my parents look at the house, the landlord dropped the bomb that she would add a cleaning crew fee of $25 each tenant. Now, $25 isn't much right? It is five pair of underwear at Victoria Secret.
Well, I make $7 (counting taxes) an hour. So, I need to work a little more than 3 hours to make that $25. Yes, I have to add 3 hours to my already-over-schedule-day.
I accepted that, because the house is really perfect.
Now, I have to sign the lease by Thursday in order to get the house. This was communicated to me today. Not *I* have to sign it, but so do my parents. Thursday, at 1:15 pm.
Does my landlord think that my family and I have nothing else better to do than sit around and wait for her commands?
Then, I am told I would have to pay last month's rent on April 9th. We aren't moving until June. End of June. That's more than three months away.

Mind you, I also have to pay for my airplane ticket to China. What have I gotten myself into?

Another blog? WHY!!!

Hello dear non-fans and stumblers,

I know. Another blog in the blogging world. Why a new blog?
Not because you care about my life. Not because I am bored, but because...
I am going through a stage of my life that EVERYONE has to go through, or has gone through already.
This is my last year of being a teenager. Yes. In a couple months (8 months to be exact), I will be 20, a young adult. I will not only have to take care of myself financially, but my tantrums will no longer be accepted.
As a 20 year old, I will have to deal with a lot more events/ things that I want to ever care for. Sometimes, I will want to regress to being 5, while other times, I will love it.
No matter what anyone says, the big 2-ooh, is a big step in anyone's life.

Now, what will make make my 20's different from my teen years.
First, I am moving out.
Second, I will be less dependent of my parents.
Third, I will be paying for my travels (I travel a lot)
Fourth, I will have to budget my finances.
Fifth, I will be a junior in college.
Sixth, (For a short period of time) I will be trying to transfer universities - it is a lot of paperwork.
Seventh, I will lose friends, and make new ones.
Eighth, I will most likely fight with my boyfriend.
Ninth, I will have to balance work, studying, fun time, and writing.
Tenth, I will try to get published.
Eleventh, I will have to deal with my grandmother being sick.
Twelfth, I will have to deal with being in America, and getting an American education.
Thirteenth, My childish dreams will be crushed and destroyed by the big scary world out there. (No more of "I wanna be a princess")

Those are just 13 points. Every month, I have great friends who think of something else for me to do. It includes writing a novel, or learning to bake, or going house hunting, or going to parties, or group studying (which never works by the way.)
So now, I hope this first post explained to you what this blog will be about.
And I hope this blog will guide you through being a 19 going on 20 year-old.

PS: I never wanted to be a princess.