Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another blog? WHY!!!

Hello dear non-fans and stumblers,

I know. Another blog in the blogging world. Why a new blog?
Not because you care about my life. Not because I am bored, but because...
I am going through a stage of my life that EVERYONE has to go through, or has gone through already.
This is my last year of being a teenager. Yes. In a couple months (8 months to be exact), I will be 20, a young adult. I will not only have to take care of myself financially, but my tantrums will no longer be accepted.
As a 20 year old, I will have to deal with a lot more events/ things that I want to ever care for. Sometimes, I will want to regress to being 5, while other times, I will love it.
No matter what anyone says, the big 2-ooh, is a big step in anyone's life.

Now, what will make make my 20's different from my teen years.
First, I am moving out.
Second, I will be less dependent of my parents.
Third, I will be paying for my travels (I travel a lot)
Fourth, I will have to budget my finances.
Fifth, I will be a junior in college.
Sixth, (For a short period of time) I will be trying to transfer universities - it is a lot of paperwork.
Seventh, I will lose friends, and make new ones.
Eighth, I will most likely fight with my boyfriend.
Ninth, I will have to balance work, studying, fun time, and writing.
Tenth, I will try to get published.
Eleventh, I will have to deal with my grandmother being sick.
Twelfth, I will have to deal with being in America, and getting an American education.
Thirteenth, My childish dreams will be crushed and destroyed by the big scary world out there. (No more of "I wanna be a princess")

Those are just 13 points. Every month, I have great friends who think of something else for me to do. It includes writing a novel, or learning to bake, or going house hunting, or going to parties, or group studying (which never works by the way.)
So now, I hope this first post explained to you what this blog will be about.
And I hope this blog will guide you through being a 19 going on 20 year-old.

PS: I never wanted to be a princess.

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