Sunday, March 21, 2010


So. After an eventful week, I have tons of tips, and updates. Obviously.

1. House/Lease
I have the house. Security deposit was sent. Lease was signed. And Credit report was sent. I have no credit, but my landlord has to check my parent's. Therefore, in June, I will be out of my house. :D! Exciting?! After all this time, and all this worry!

2. School/ Transfer
Everything was sent out. Nothing to worry about, now I just wait for the results. Once again, I thought I was going to poop my pants when my advisor hadn't sent out the report. I called freaking out, and the lady on the other end of the phone just told me to chill, and that this was all going to be okay. I just needed to sent it out that week. And I did :D

3. Writing my novel
I am working on my novel, and editing my previous novel. I am almost done editing! Yes. Then it means that I will have to retype it, reprint it, and re-read it. I think I will like it a lot more once it is done and a little more polished :D
The new novel (My New Prison) is at the really beginning, and I am dreading adding to it. I know that I am going to have to throw Alan in shock therapy, but I really don't want to D:

4. Relationship
The stress of this week has affected my moods, and how I react to people/Kevin in general.I am a lot less patient. I am also very moody. I have been happy, and sad within seconds. I crying and then I am laughing. I feel like I going through puberty all over again. I am 19. This whole angst business should be over. Kevin also does not response to my stress very well, which makes me angry and just a terrible vicious circle of doom. We are going through it, and surprisingly enough, we are doing pretty well. I think because he dealt with me during my obnoxious moodiness before, he knows that at the end I will be better, and I will smile again :]

5. Finances
Kinda don't want to talk about it. D:
In a couple months, I will be poorer than dirt.

So here you have it!
The biggest tip for today is:
- If you're in doo-doo, call people, and ask for help. People love to help :D
- When you're angry, know that it is not the other people's fault. It could be YOUR fault, your emotions out of whack. So calm down, take a minute and realize what is making you angry. :D

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  1. I think the moodiness was kind of general. I felt really stress out to, without really knowing the reason. Things that were ok before just got really annoying. Hum, maybe it's spring and overworking myself more than ever.
    Also however people will react to it, I will still be upset, very difficult to deal with.