Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I just got news from one of my room mates.
I only have to pay $350 for rent now. I know. Insane right? Living in the city, in this amazing house for only 350$ (+utilities)/ month? Could life work out any better right now?
I think not.

So, as you guessed it, I am in an extremely happy mood.

Anyway. April contests? Yes. Contests!

The first one is Script Frenzy. 100 pages of script in 30 days. Crazy? Yes. Possible? Totally.
I am planning on writing the sequel to Fatal Kiss, but now I have doubts. I kinda want to write about something different.
As usual, i will see at the very last minute what my imagination has prepared for me :]

The second contest is L2 reading month. I need to read as many pages as I can in Mandarin. Yes. Mandarin.

The world: Ally, why didn't you chose Spanish?
Ally: Well, I know I can read in Spanish. I have already a book in Spanish over the summer. I needed to try something new.
The world: But Mandarin? That's gonna be hard.
Ally: ... I know, BUT I CAN DO IT!! :D

Anyway, I will get a cool sticker at the end :D!

Here are the links to the two contests:
Script frenzy:
L2 Reading challenge:

Both brough to you by my crazy friend: Linda.

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  1. Hey, don't you know how to make a link with my name to my blog ? :P