Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday date?

I tried to upload a new blog post yesterday. It was a fail.

Anyway, script frenzy is going JUST FINE. :D
Yes, you heard me. It is going. Just. Fine.
I am surprised actually, I was expecting to be lazy about this, because it looked so easy. I think since I have listen to the Now Habit tapes, I have been more prone to do things.
I have read 11 pages of mandarin so far. It has given me real headaches, and if I had done what I was suppose to do, I would have read 40 pages by now. (10 a day)
BUT. No. NOT FINE on the L2 reading Challenge!

I've found out that the rent will 410$. The landlord increased our monthly rent because of one extra person. Still less than I expected to pay, SO WHATEVER!
I am on top of the world.


  1. Script frenzy better be fine lol.
    The now Habit is so great isn't it, hum, I guess I should listen to it again, I feel lazy :P
    You're ahead of me for the reading, as I need 10 pages of manga for one :( but the stupid Japanese test gave me 6 :) Happy !!!

  2. Hi Ally-Chan, What are the Now Tapes? I like the sound of them, doing something now rather than putting it off for later - something I always do! I find I've been getting on fine with ScriptFrenzy, if I just do it, I too often end up not doing it, then having to do double the next day! I am a fool! Self-discipline is something I am not very good at!