Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So I've decided, that, since I had two seconds to myself. I'll throw in more updates :D!

Script Frenzy
In Green.

I should have 20 pages by tonight. As usual, I have no outline. Keelya and Dylan are taking me wherever their kindergarten hearts takes them. I'm doing pretty good, much better than I was doing with NaNoWriMo [I was struggling a lot]. I am also having a lot of fun with this, and I think I might write another script once I am done this one :D

L2 Reading Challenge
In Orange.

I read about 16 pages of mandarin. Today while in class, I think I felt asleep with my eyes open. Mandarin is blowing my head up. I spoke in Chinese while in my French class, and I want to point out things in the street and scream their Chinese name [Like a preschooler]. It is good though :D It means I am getting the language down and "graving it into my brain" as AJATT- All Japanese All The Time- would say.

In Purple.

As some of you might remember, I am learning Korean. Well, well, after talking to Linda I was doing it all wrong. In Korean, the word order in the sentence is different, and so learning vocabulary isn't the most efficient way to learn. So now, I am learning sentences. Let me tell you, it is a lot more difficult. I was happy with my ten words a day (or more like 6 sometimes). I am going to have to put a halt to it though, because I am getting busier as we speak.

In Teal.

Alpha Mu Gamma. Or, the Honor Society of Foreign Language. Initiation is in a couple days (Thursday to be exact). I will be the vice president of the Honor Society of Foreign Language. Insane right? I couldn't believe it either :D

Editing and writing
In Yellow.

So no one can see my failure. I completely stop editing :[ or writing the rest of My New Prison [Alan's story]. I know I will pick it up again, but so soon? eh. We shall see :D

In Blue.

The boy. I am planning a trip to China with him, and he is making it difficult. The man doesn't want to do anything. No Scuba diving, No beach, No train traveling, No Hong Kong, No PANDA PETTING [DDD:]. After an hour of just pure whining at each other, I came up with the great idea of, he makes a list of things he wants to do. I make my list. We swap lists and we pick 5 things on each lists. Everyone is happy now. Well kinda, I am going to have to make 6 items beach time in order to go to the beach now. [Just kidding, there shall be no beach time :( ]

Working out
In Brown-ish

I have been running, working on my abs/ biceps/ triceps/ and thigh areas.
Basically, getting ready for a bikini season where I will not even be wearing bikinis (since I won't be near a beach). Last I ran was two miles, and I do this about everyday. I work out for 2 hours after school, every two days. Even though I have not lost weight per say (I remained the same weight- which wasn't a lot to begin with), I can see myself getting toner, and more in shape. I can run longer distances, and I can do actual push ups now! :D

In Red.

I talked to my two professors about my grades. This little non-all-A's problem is going to be resolved soon. I am not going to waste my time rewriting a paper three times to get a 55%. No-uh. Therefore, we will see tomorrow what will happen with this story!!

Well, i think that's all my updates. I am off writing my 4 pages for today, eating some cookies (I did run, so I need a reward now), and getting my Chinese down :D
If you got any questions about anything, comment!!!

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