Monday, April 12, 2010


I always knew I needed sleep. Always. My mother is a big advocate for sleep, and sometimes I wonder if some mattress store pays her to talk about sleeping.

According to her sleep is beneficial because:
- You grow while you sleep
- Your brain rests
- Everything you learned that day "sinks in".
- It is a moment of reflection
- It is good for you back. It relaxes the spine.
- Good for any muscles. Relaxes them
- A good night of sleep gets you in a better mood.
- Gets rid of headaches
- Makes you eat less
- Your hair grows faster

Now, all of those arguments could make sense. I am not a scientist, I have just been listening to my mom for 12 years without even thinking she might be wrong. Then puberty hit, and she used to be wrong all the time for 6 years.
At this moment, she is half wrong half right.

But sleep seemed like a big waste of my time. I tried my best to stay up late, to take naps, but all failed. Then last night, I went to bed early, and I was awaken today by my lovely mexican crew.
Let me tell you, I want sleep. I want it bad. I just want to lay here and sleep.

But, my schedule doesn't permit me to sleep for how much I want. So, I will sleep as much as I can (which is 5 hours) and I will be grumpier and grumpier as the days go by.

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