Monday, April 19, 2010

Break ups.

"Breaks up at hard to do"
That's the jiggle of the new AllState (Insurance company). They offer a service that tells your old insurance you no longer what to be insured by them.

I didn't need someone to break up with Kevin for me this weekend.

It happened Sunday night. It is really hitting me now what I have done.
I don't truly want to give him up. I want to be with him, but he has been so uncaring lately, and so unkind to me.
I have been feeling pretty tense around him, like I couldn't be myself. I had to be the woman he wanted, instead of who I was.

Since I have broke it up (Or now it is "complicated" on facebook), he has all of the sudden taken an interest in being my prince Charming.
He has called my ex-best friend to tell her to never talk about me being my back, or tried to wish me good luck on my tests, and acting "happy" when I receive good grade.
I know it is all an act, and he is going to go back to his old ways, but it is so easy for me to see the good in him right now.

This might sound corny, but the only way to explain it is by saying: My heart is screaming "WHAT AN IDIOT YOU ARE ALLY!" while my brain is saying "This was a wise decision."

Who do I listen? My brain? My heart?


  1. Maybe you should beat him up emotionally sometimes instead.
    I sure that'll be fine, you guys need each other.

  2. I agree with Linda. Also, boys are stupid and we should throw rocks at them. :D