Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First conversation in Chinese

As you can read in the title, I had my VERY first true Chinese conversation.
Outside of my Chinese class.

Yesterday, I had lunch with the Chinese exchange students from East China Normal University. By "Normal", the university isn't strange, or the average but built for students who want to focus on teaching in the future and want to study abroad. Therefore, if I was Chinese, I would go there.

The conversation was simple, but I got to used almost every grammar point that I learned.
Here it is:
(It will be in Pinyin, because i dont have the proper program to type it in characters)

Haze: Ni shou zhong wen ma?
-You speak chinese?-

Me: Dui. Wo liang nian xue zhongwen.
-Yes. I have been studying Chinese for two years.-

Shen Jing: Ni yao qu zhong guo ma?
-You want to go to China?-

Me: Who shuo zhongwen yidianr.
-I speak a little Chinese.-

Xie Lu: No, no, Ni. Yao *QU* zhong guo ma?
-No,no, You. want *TO GO* to China?-

Me: oooh!! Wo yao qi yue zhong guo.
-oooh!! I am going to China in July.-

Xie Lu: July?

Me: Dui. Gen wode nan pengyou.
-Yes. With my boyfriend.-

Haze, Xie Lu: Oooh!! Is he handsoooome!?
-Oooh!! Is he handsoooome!?-

Me: Yes! I think so, at least!
-Yes! I think so, at least!

And that was the end of it, then I couldn't help but speak in English!

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  1. English is such a poisonous language.
    And what's with the pinying? O.o