Tuesday, April 27, 2010

600 jump-ropes.

I jumped 600 times today.

I have been slacking on everything I've made goals for this past two weeks.
Script frenzy is behind.
L2 Reading challenge is going slowly. (60 pages)
Working out was on hold due to sickness
Kevin's phone is broken, so I can't even get a hold of him properly.
Korean has been put on hold.
School is almost over.

Today is time to get back on tracks. I had my lazy week due to sickness, but now it is time to get back on track! Readers and followers, you hear me! Back on track.

I need 25 pages for script frenzy!
I need 40 pages for L2 Reading.
I need to get back in shape SOON! (Before june)
I need to... Get in touch with Kevin. Somehow. Get creative!
I need to order the Korean books I want.
I need to get two of my grade back to an A. (B+ right now)

By the way, I talked to both my teachers, and my education class is now an A, and my speaking class is a B+. Therefore, I should be able to get all As.

Tip: Always talk to your teacher if you have a problem with your grades :D

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