Thursday, March 25, 2010


Editing is just like growing a plant.
I hate it at first. It is just too boring. It is a slow process, and the beginning of the book is always the most difficult to get through.
Then it blossoms, and it is the best part. You get really into it, and you start doing ten chapters at once. You really get in the story, and you just never want to end.
Then it starts to suck again. You just can't help yourself but not want to do it.

I am at that part. I hate it. If I do half a page per day, I am super lucky. I cannot sit down and do it. I start to get hungry, or want to go pee, and all the sudden have an urge to do homework. We all know this is not true. I have no urge to do homework.

I probably started this blog to procrastinate my last chapters.

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  1. Do you want me to upload you those anti-procrastination mp3 as well ?
    If it doesn't work it will still make you laugh.