Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sick at home

Yes, you heard it.

I'm sick and at home, which means more time for the blog. Crazy right? What to do with all that time?
Well, if I wasn't sick, I would catch up on some homework, feed myself, and start sketching up a draft for the Sequel of Fatal Kiss.

Oh and guess what. Yes. Let's guess. In a few days (6 to be exact), I will finally be 20. I know I only had 6 months with this blog, and in order to do everything I ever wanted to do, but man, time passed by!

Anyway, this means that in 6 days, I will have to review my list, and I will get to write a new one. For my next birthday.
In 6 days, I will leave teenage years behind!

That is, if I dont die beforehand. I really feel like I am about to die right now. I guess I should go back to bed, and wait for my room mates to wake up to make me some soup.

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