Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday!

To me!

I am 20 now. Finally. So time to update my list.

First, I am moving out. Update: I moved out! Accomplished!
Second, I will be less dependent of my parents.Update: I finance almost everything myself! Accomplished!
Third, I will be paying for my travels (I travel a lot). Update: I managed to do that, and still doing it! Accomplished!
Fourth, I will have to budget my finances. Update: Yeaahh... Maybe I didn't need to go to that restaurant, but Accomplished!
Fifth, I will be a junior in college. Update: So far, I have all As! Accomplished?!
Sixth, (For a short period of time) I will be trying to transfer universities - it is a lot of paperwork. Update: I got rejected from Upenn. But oh well... Accomplished for the paperwork, Fail for the getting in.
Seventh, I will lose friends, and make new ones. Update: I haven't lost too many friends. But I have gained tons! Accomplished!
Eighth, I will most likely fight with my boyfriend. Update: Oh yeah. Accomplished...
Ninth, I will have to balance work, studying, fun time, and writing. Update: Writing is going to have to start again with NaNoWriMo!
Tenth, I will try to get published. Update: Fail.
Eleventh, I will have to deal with my grandmother being sick. Update: She is doing slightly better :D
Twelfth, I will have to deal with being in America, and getting an American education. Update: I think I might live if I keep on traveling a lot :P
Thirteenth, My childish dreams will be crushed and destroyed by the big scary world out there. (No more of "I wanna be a princess") Update: So far, I still want to be a princess!

So, On my birthday I didn't do anything super mega fun, but I had 5 days to celebrate my birthday (My 5 day birthday). I had a lot of fun. Still :P
On the other hand, I am 20 now, which makes me officially a young adult!!

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