Friday, October 29, 2010


So NaNoWriMo is reaaally close!

I am not sure what I want to write about. I have two options right now.

Option #1:
- Sequel to Fatal Kiss.

[Quick synopsis of Fatal Kiss: Hope and Josh are vampires. D.O.V.E. is after all vampires, trying to get rid of all vampires in the USA. Hope gets captured, and Josh tries to save her. When he does, he discovers other vampire colonies and has to escape the infuriated D.O.V.E.]

What will it be about?
Most likely it will be the revenge that D.O.V.E. will try to bring upon the vampires. After losing Hope, it was super awkward for them to go to the government and tell them they lost a vampire. So, the government cut their budget. Now, they only want revenge.
So why are you hesitating?
I really really want to write the other story also :P

Option #2:
- Perfect Little Me

What will it be about?
A bit autobiography about a young girl with a lot of expectations. She is expected to be perfect at everything in every field. She basically burns out and snaps, finally taking some time on herself. Pretty much how I feel right now, but I have no time to myself... Even if I want some.
So why are you hesitating?
Because I really want to write a sequel for Fatal Kiss. They deserve a sequel (and Linda really wants one :P)

So, if you want to put in your opinion go ahead! :D It will make my life easier!!

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  1. I like the Perfect Little Me too, it's just like me with the song story :P
    Hesitating hesitating until the last minute tells you what to write.