Friday, July 2, 2010

15 Days

Wow. 15 Days left.
It is crazy.

A couple weeks ago, my trip to China felt like it was never going to happen, and now it seems so close. I am starting to panic about it.
It is been a dream of mine to visit Eastern Asia since I first started traveling. The culture is so different from everything I have ever experienced, that it fascinates me.
When I met Kevin [The boyfriend], I never thought that he would actually take me to China, or that he would be interested in traveling with me. He is the kind of boy that likes to stay home and play video games.
It was incredible that in just two weeks, we will be exploring Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou. I still think this is all a dream, and I am waiting for someone to tell me that this was a cruel prank.

Right now, my biggest worry about my trip isn't the itinerary (how we are getting from A to B) but rather my visa. China has been restricting Visas because of the World Expo. I applied with my French passport to save me a 100$, but it seems that the French government and the Chinese government are fighting.
Therefore, I'm still visa-less.

As you can imagine, with 15 days left, I am kind worried about this.
But, my job keeps me busy enough from thinking about it. If I had a whole day, and you guys wouldn't get bored, I would tell you how angry the company made me the other day.
Unfortunately, I do not have that time and you guys would hate it!
So, i am off... for another day filled with office work!

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  1. Wow, 15 more days is so exciting! You have to send me a postcard! I am back to blogging myself. ^_^