Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Beijing - China

Hey Gang!

I have been ... a lazy lazy person! But here is my post about Beijing!
We did a lot of touristy thing in Beijing, expect for going to the bookstore, where I bought a lot of book for cheap!!

We went to the Great Wall. I got sick, and so had to stop at the first tour guard. Kevin climbed all the way to the top of that section though!
I remember the stairs being halfway to my calf, and I was already sweating after the first three minutes. :/ I am so americanly out of shape!

We also went to the Imperial gardens. Gorgeous! If I was an empress I would want to live there for sure! It was giant, and so calming. Even with the hundreds of people running around and the crappy weather.

We went to the Temple of Paradise, which was pretty cool, but very quick to look at. We could have spent 30 minutes there and be happy. The architecture was really close to the Imperial Gardens and to the Forbidden City.

So obviously, we also went to the Forbidden City, which was not as cool as I expected. Everything looks very similar, and because I didn't understand the guide so I didn't get any of the cool background story :/

I wish I had pictures to show you, but I don't have any on this computer. I hope to steal them from Kevin again :]

Anyway, I have a lot more to tell you about regular life :P So keep posted!

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  1. You're not lazy, you are just procrastinating on it. which means, time to put your anti procrastination mp3 back on. On the last AJATT post Kathz explains that most of the people need to be reminded about those motivational things not to go back to the procrastination pattern.

    You do need to steal the pictures. You should steel them all at once, hehe. I won't steal Sebastien Southern Asia pics but I'll link to his web site. He has been seeing Elephants, I'm so jealous. Well I got the squirrels :D
    I uploaded the new squirrel video in the channel.