Monday, August 16, 2010

Shanghai - China

As expected, we went to the Expo in Shanghai. That's pretty much all we did in Shanghai. We meant to visit the city with some friends, but it ended up not working out for us. Kevin's family was very worried about us going out by ourselves. So, we didn't. We just went to the expo by ourselves.
In total, we visited about 16 pavilions. 3 major pavilions (France, USA, China). We were able to walk in the French pavilion VIP style, because of my French passport. It was a great feeling to walk in the pavilion and feeling at home, in a foreign country. It wasn't quite home, it was just a bliss to be able to be in a place that I understood, and I could see familiar things.

We spent the whole day walking from pavilion to pavilion. The camera died before we were able to get back to the hotel, so it will have to be in my memory!
The funniest anecdote of the day was probably when we walked in the Nigeria building. There was a man from Nigeria working there (Durr.), and he was "hitting" on every girl walking by. As he saw me, he asked Kevin if he had brought me for him. Kevin replied "No" (which made me blush a little bit) and we joked around for awhile. As we walked out of the pavilion, Kevin couldn't help but comment on the man's. It was fun, and probably one of our favorite pavilion. Kevin and I joked about that moment for awhile.

Sorry the picture is blurry. This is our new Nigerian friend! The volunteers at the Expo have a really hard time. They know nobody in the country, and they spend all day telling people the same thing, or trying to communicate with people who do not speak their language. We talked to a couple who said they were counting days.

It felt the opposite at the USA pavilion. The volunteers were dancing around and making the children's laugh. Their Chinese was very good, but mainly because this internship was given to people who speak Chinese. The pavilion itself wasn't as exciting as some of the other ones. It was a bunch of movies. The main attraction was a movie called "The Garden". The last room was filled was famous American company, which was disappointing. There was nothing about American's architecture or past. The movie is nowhere to be found :/ so you guys will have to do without it!

Sorry for the blurry again! The camera sucked! Well, that's it for the pavilions! If you want to see other pavilions, or know what's in them, leave a comment :D

Next: Beijing!

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