Saturday, August 14, 2010

Huangshan - China

We stayed in Huangshan for just a day and a half. I really didn't like the town much, mainly because it was little, and we were over looked a lot. I think it would have been nice to stay there for just a day.
Huangshan is a farmer town right by Mt Huangshan (obviously). It has a merchant street that has been there since the Song dynasty. There is a lot of pencil stores, Shanghai Expo stores and sculpture stores. The merchant street had a famous restaurant, where we ate a lot of weird tofu based food. I don't really like tofu, so this wasn't my favorite place to eat. Especially the 500 years old moldy tofu.

Yeah, I know. We are dorks <3>
They also have a famous lake. It has a bunch of islands worth visiting. We took a little boat to each island. The first one was an old temple type of island. There was a fortune teller there, so we obviously had to test it out. Kevin is attracted to water type which are represented by big dark skinned women, and I need a strong man who is not like a bamboo shoot. Basically we are the opposite of what we should marry. Good one chinese fortune teller.... good joke.
The second island was the "monkey island". Wild monkeys lived on that island, and they attack people who dont feed them. So we bought peanuts and fed them, also an angry little asian man came watch over us, in case the monkeys decided to take revenge anyway.

Next stop: Shanghai Expo!

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