Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mt Huangshan - China

During our stay, we went to Mt Huangshan (or "Yellow Mountain"). It was a regular mountain until someone sprayed the rumor that spending time there would guarantee you a long life. Therefore all the kings went there. The mountain was name Wangshan ("King Mountain"). Over time, Wang turned into Huang because of the proximity in pronunciation. Therefore, it is now called Huangshan!

We climbed over 6,000 steps before reaching our hotel. Once we reached the top of the mountain, we "locked" our love forever on top of the mountain. Quite literary. It is a common practice in China for lovers to buy a lock at a mountain or a high summit and attach it to a chain. Then throw away the keys. Symbolizing the forever love they are suppose to experience. I will keep you posted if it actually works!

This is our little lock. Cute uh? :]

Anyway, after I locked Kevin to me forever, we went to look at the sunset. It was not only beautiful, but there was very little people watching it, compared to the sunrise. We snapped a couple pictures and then went to grab a beer at the terrace of the hotel. The sky was clear. There was SO MANY stars in the sky! Here is the picture of the sunset, and then the sunrise.

The sunset was really beautiful and I wished I had my own camera, so I could have taken more amazing pictures!

There was TONS of people watching the sunrise. We had to wake up at 4:30 AM to go to this little view point. At the sight of the amount of people, we voted against taking the popular spot. I found a little trial walking up to a small cliff right across the view point. It was just me and Kevin and we got some beautiful pictures, along with some tranquility!

The walk down the mountain was a lot faster than the walk up! We decided to take to cable cars, so we didn't have to walk for another 5 hours. Once down, I wanted to stay down!
This is it for Mt. Huangshan, next I will have a little entry about the town of Huangshan!

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