Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So the little "Next Blog" Button up there was very useful during "studying". (I did study, no worries)
But I have noticed a common theme in blogs.
There is the "new baby in the house" type of blog.
- Every entry is about their baby.
- Tons of baby pictures.
- Every little anecdote about baby is found there.
There is "I believe in God" type of blog.
- Every entry has something to do with the blessing God gave to people
- Entries are also about how angry the blogger is looking at non-believers or "bad Christians"
- Bible Verses.
There is the "My life" type of blog.
- Obvious.

I am about to say I hate those blogs. I don't hate those blogs. I just find them so... dominant, it is boring. I don't care about baby, or your perspective on God, or your life.
I love blogs that make me think, or want to do something.

Where art thou, amazing blogs?

[PS: Back to studying]

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