Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sickness strikes again.

Kevin got me sick this time.
But, on another note, he never saw Balto before! Just one of those great animated movies that I had forgotten about!

It is based on a true story. Back in the 20's, an epidemic of Diptheria hit Nome, a small town in Alaska. There was no medication left, and therefore, the town decided to send a team of the best sledge dogs to go to the nearest town and get more medication. Balto was the leader of the last team who brought the medicine back.

Now the movie has added a couple myths to the story.
In the movie:
- Balto is half dog, half wolf and shunned by dogs and humans
- There was only one team of dogs
- The man leading the team was hurt
- Balto came to save the day (He was the team leader originally)

No matter how much Spielberg changed the movie, it is still a tale of courage and determination. And, an adorable love story.

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