Monday, May 17, 2010

Updates on my goals

So. I got two of my goals done.

Application to the University of Pennsylvania.

I got rejected. I am not as sad as I expected to be. I did not expect to get in and frankly, I wouldn't fit at the prestigious university. It is not "me" enough. The girls there are different, and the atmosphere there is too prestigious for me. I don't mingle well with people like that. (Even though Kevin goes there. Opposites attract?)


Got 3 As, and 3 B+s. Now before I go crying because my B+s were SO close to an A it hurts, let me just say that I am still proud of myself. My grades were going downhill, and so was my GPA (which was worrying me). Now next semester, 4 As, and 2 B+s?
It is all about the baby steps...

I still need to:
- Finish editing Fatal Kiss
- Finish my script
- Finish my novel in progress
- Get ready for France/ China
- Finances (arghargharghargharghdontmentionthatword)
- Continue with my Chinese
- Continue with Korean!

So, I still have a full plate of stuff to do!

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  1. Good luck! What other schools did you apply to?