Friday, November 19, 2010

Deathly Hallows. A review.

So, I went to the midnight premiere of Harry Potter 7 and the Deathly Hallow - Part 1.
Yes, I stayed up all night so the inner-nerd in my could be satisfies.

And. It. Was.

The movie followed the book closely, which was very very exciting. It didn't feel rushed in anyway, like the 6th movie. We had time to analyze the scene and feel for the characters as each scene took place. The timing for each scene could not have been better.

If you haven't read the book, no worries, everything is explained pretty well in the movies. So you can follow along, and discover Harry's adventure in a logical sense. There is no secrets that isn't revealed to you, and for that matter, everything is pretty much spelled out to you.

My favorite scene was when Hermione was telling the story. I love animated movies, so that was animated, and my fav'. Just the whole story is so crucial to the book, that if not told well, we could have been left scratching our head. There was no head scratch.

My least favorite scene was when Bertha transformed into a snake. It was truly, the scariest part of the movie. I didn't expect it to be THIS scary, and I never wanted to see that part again.

Now for grades:

-Acting: A+ (Ron is the best actor in the world.)
-Wardrobe: A+++ (Hermione's outfit are ADORABLE. New personal hero of mine)
- Haircuts: A- (I hate Harry's hair, and at times Ron's)
- Secondary characters: B+ (We really don't see much of them. It is too focused on Hermione, Harry and Ron. The only reason I gave it a "+" was because my favorite characters are still hot.)
- Deaths: B+ (TOO MUCH CRYING)

- Landscape: A (Beautiful landscapes and sunsets at all times. Dreaminnngg)
- Luna's house: A- (A little too organized for my choosing. They aren't crazy enough with that)
- The wedding: B- (We didn't see enough. I was sad)
- The ministry: B+ (That was pretty well done. I enjoyed it.)
- The tent: A (Gotta mention the tent seeing as it is in there ALL THE TIME. Plain and boring, but oh well)

Magic stuff:
- Hermione's bag: A+ (I WANT IT. It just never ends.)
- The wands: A (Love the symbolism. Go see it and you will know what scene I'm taking about. *wink wink*Lucius and Voldemort *wink wink*)
- Hermione's spells: A (she is pretty much the only one using cool spells this movie. Ron even says "You're the best at spells." So, they are pretty interesting)
- The snitch: B- (Didn't have a giant part in it, maybe it will come around in the next book.)
- Ron's lighter: B (Not even going to attempt to write that. The effect were pretty cool and it was actually interesting to watch him use it.)
- The horcrux: A+ (Totally loved it!)

- For reals? A++

Therefore, all together I give it an A+ and a "see again!"

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