Tuesday, November 2, 2010

NaNoWriMo ! 1st Day.

So far, so good!

I reached my first word goal (1684) and I am going to have to surpass today's word goal (1667) in order to feel complete satisfied with myself!

Diet Update:
I ate an Angus Burger from McDonalds yesterday. Grrr on being healthy! But I hate my tomatoes for dinner :P So, I was only half bad!

My prologue for Little Perfect Me: (for those who want to read it)

I packed my bag with my colorful notebooks and my multiple textbooks. Today was a Thursday, a day filled with college courses and my boring job. I shoved my uniform, consisting of a navy blue shirt, red scarf and Marriot pin into the bag, trying my best to get everything to fit properly. I looked at my clock, as it flashed 11:00 AM. I was going to be late to my first class.

I looked at myself in the mirror, quickly passing my hand over my hair, hoping to flatten it out a little bit and ran out of my dorms room. My roommate muttered a “good bye” while I slammed the door as a response. The elevator shut as I arrived in the lounge, and I ran for the stairs. It felt as if I was going to skip a step and crack my skull open on the next step, but, miraculously, I made it to the bottom of the staircase without injury. I waved at the building clerk and ran to my car.

I had 15 minutes to get to class and I would make it. I dug my keys into the side of my car and turned it. I heard the engine roar and put my car in reverse. I looked behind me, an accident was the last thing I needed and sped through the parking lot. Once out, I drove on the back rounds leading to my classroom. I waited at every stop sign and every light, while looking at my clock anxiously.

It was now 11:10 AM. I had five minutes to find a parking spot in the already too crowded parking lot and run to class. As I skimmed through rows of cars I quickly noticed a tiny empty space. I would have to squeeze Meem, my bright red Honda, but it will have to do now. Once parked, I realize how difficult it was to get myself out of my own car. I pulled on my backpack’s strap angrily. I didn’t have time for this kind of problems. Finally Meem let go of my backpack and I was able to shuffle my way out of between the two cars. I locked her and ran to my classroom.

The cold air burnt my lungs, as I along the numerous cars. Good thing I was a softball player, otherwise I would have probably given up on running and accepted my fate as being a tardy student. I wasn’t a tardy student, never have been, and never will be. Not on my watch, not in my book. I wasn’t about to start today, just because a little bit of cold air was hurting my lungs. I am not a quitter.

I hope you enjoyed it, because that's all you're getting :P!!
- I know, I am cruel -

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