Thursday, November 4, 2010


I am doing fine with NaNoWriMo. Getting my words in. Enjoying my time. Not going out anymore.

The usual!

My only problem now is my diet. I haven't been paying attention, and I have been eating quite unhealthy. An Angus Burger there, a slice of pizza there, some frozen microwavable dinner there. Not a good idea, my body doesn't enjoy that.

I am thinking of going back on the 300,400,500 calories diet.
Breakfast: 300
Snack: 100
Lunch: 400
Snack: 100
Dinner: 500
Total: 1400 Calories.

I always ate healthier when I watch my calories.
We will see, I can't get distracted from NaNoWriMo because of some stupid diet.

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