Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Remember that post a couple of days ago?
Okay, it was yesterday.

Remember it?
It is right under that post. Well, I was obviously not cut out for it, as I have already failed myself. Yes. I did go and spend money on frivolous things, such as food.
What's with me and spending millions on food? I have no idea, but everyday I must have lunch somewhere, and it must be good.
Now, I am determined to kick that bad habit... but maybe sometime after NaNoWriMo.

A happy Ally is a happy writer.

PS: I am going to have a long a philosophical post coming up. About Money. :P In honor to my failure.

This has been the reason of my failure. Let's boycott it together.
Just kidding. I need my salad daily. They must have put some drug in it.
I don't care, it is delicious. GO OVER PRICED SALAD!

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